Calvin and Hobbes : Weirdos from Another Planet – by Bill Watterson


Calvin and Hobbes history classic by the Bill Watterson.
The comic strip has brought lots of joy and laughter to different generations for many generations.
The comic strip has never failed to deliver its own unique signature brand of humour.
This book doesn’t fall short it contains what readers have come to expect anas 14 stress that no fan of comic strips would ever regret.



  ”Flashes of innovative genius abound. Exploring the world of Calvin and Hobbes is great therapy. The antics of the precocious boy and his suave stuffed tiger pal can pull anyone out of the doldrums.” —Amarillo News Globe

  In Calvin and Hobbes book Weirdos From Another Planet! , this power-packed extravaganza of creative energy and imagination feature the childhood fun and fantasy that was a Watterson trademark. Weirdos From Another Planet! is out of this world!


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